Cemented Tungsten Carbide Sleeves Bushings For Submersibe Oil Field

Cemented carbide bushings sleeves is a mechanical part with high wear resistance, high strength and corrosion resistance manufactured by cemented carbide powder pressing and sintering and precision grinding. It is widely used in petroleum machinery, coal mining, chemical sealing, pump valve production and other fields.

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Tungsten carbide sleeve applications is wide, which is a device to protect a class of components. It is in the actual work and the role and purpose of its application environment have a great relationship.
Valve applications, bushings be installed in the valve stem cap trap, in order to reduce the valve leakage, to seal; bearing applications, the use of bush to reduce wear between the bearing and the shaft seat, avoid the gap between the shaft and the hole increases and so on.
Tungsten carbide sleeve production and processing of high-strength, can withstand prolonged load, with high chemical stability, alkali, alcohol, ether, hydrocarbons, acid, oil, detergent, water (sea water), and has no smell , non-toxic, tasteless, non-rust characteristics, its widely used in petrochemical industry for Submerged Oil Pump, slurry pump, water pump, Centrifugal Pump,etc.


1, 100% Raw material:
Bushings are produced with pure raw materials, which has the characteristics of long service life and stable performance.
2, Maching:
Bushings is processed by high-precision equipment:CNC machining center, grinding machine, milling machine, drilling machine,horizontal milling machine, chamfering machine, Metal Stamping ,CNC cutting machine etc.
3, Multiple sizes available:
We can provide bearing bushings different sizes, complete molds and short delivery time.7-10 days for samples .20-25 working days for mass productions
4,Quality assurance:
Unsurpassed Quality Standards.Our bushings sleeves bearings are designed and manufactured according to stringent quality standards that govern material selection, machining, surface finishing,inspection and packaging.


bushing size

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Material table

 Grade   ISO  Specification Application of tungsten carbide
Density TRS Hardness
G/Cm3 N/mm2 HRA
YG06X K10 14.8-15.1 ≥1560 ≥91.0 Qualified for machining of chilled cast iron, alloy cast iron, refractory steel and alloy steel. Also Qualified for the machining of common cast iron.
YG06 K20 14.7-15. 1 ≥1670 ≥89.5 Qualified for finish machining and semi-finish machining for the cast iron, non-ferrous metal, alloy and unalloyed materials. Also qualified for wire drawing for the steel and non-ferrous metal, electric drill for geology use and steel drill etc.
YG08 K20-K30 14.6-14.9 ≥1840 ≥89 Qualified for rough machining of cast iron, non-ferrous metal, non-metal materials, drawing of steel, non-ferrous metal and pipes, various drills for geology use, tools for machine manufacture and wearing parts.
YG09 K30-M30 14.5-14.8 ≥2300 ≥91.5 Qualified for low speed rough machining, milling titanium alloy and refractory alloy, especially for cut-off tool and silk prick.
YG11C K40 14-.3-14.6 ≥2100 ≥86.5 Qualified for molding the drills for heavy-duty rock drill: detachable bits used for deep hole drilling, rock drill trolley etc.
YG15 K40 13.9-14.1 ≥2020 ≥86.5 Qualified for hard rock drilling, steel bars with high compression ratios, pipe drawing, punching tools, core cabinet of powder metallurgy automatic molders etc.
YG20   13.4-14.8 ≥2480 ≥83.5 Qualified for making dies with low impact such as punching watch parts, battery shells, small screw caps etc.
YG25   13.4-14.8 ≥2480 ≥82.5 Qualified for making mould of cold heading, cold stamping and cold pressing used for manufacturing standard parts, bearings etc.

Dimension table

Model No. Specification OD(D:mm) ID(D1:mm) Pore(d:mm) Length(L:mm) Step length(L1:mm)
KD-2001 01 16.41  14.05  12.70  25.40  1.00 
KD-2002 02 16.41  14.05  12.70  31.75  1.00 
KD-2003 03 22.04  18.86  15.75  31.75  3.18 
KD-2004 04 22.04  18.86  15.75  50.80  3.18 
KD-2005 05 16.00  13.90  10.31  76.20  3.18 
KD-2006 06 22.00  18.88  14.30  25.40  3.18 
KD-2007 07 24.00  21.00  16.00  75.00  3.00 
KD-2008 08 22.90  21.00  15.00  75.00  3.00 
KD-2009 09 19.50  16.90  12.70  50.00  4.00 
KD-2010 10 36.80  32.80  26.00  55.00  4.00 


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