Grinding Stone Wheel for carbide sliter blade

Kedel is professional supplier of producing Grinding Wheel and Blades. Offers a variety of CBN and Diamond Grinding Wheel, includes standard sizes and non-standard blades.

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Abrasive: Diamond/CBN

Bond: Resin

Materials of Substrate: Aluminum

Grain Size: Specific granularity for this industry

Size of diamond grinding wheel: Our factory can process any size of grinding wheel between D10-D900mm, and customize production according to customer requirements.

Shape of diamond grinding wheel: flat, cup, bowl, dish, single bevel, double bevel, double concave, etc. It can also be customized according to customers' drawings.

After many years of production experience, we have been very familiar with the grinding wheels which used in corrugated industry.

(Common Produce lines in Corrugated industry: Fosber, Agnati, BHS, Peters, Isowa, Marquip, Mitsubishi, TCY, HSIEH HSU, JASTU, K&H, KAI TUO, MHI,MINGWEI.)

* Product name: Grinding wheels for BHS Produce lines. 

* Dimension of Grinding Wheel: D50*T10*H16*W4*X2 with bearing. (D-Diameter; T-Thickness; H-Hole; W-Width of abrasive Layer; X-Thickness of Abrasive Layer).

* Grinding Wheel application: Shaping blades which is used for cutting corrugated cardboard or carton box, paper board

* Other Grinding Wheel: Drawing is welcome

* Quality control: Serious and high precision

Diamond Grinding Wheels Are Into The Following Types

1. Diamond resin bonded grinding wheel is sintered with resin bonded;
2. Diamond metal-bonded grinding wheel, also known as diamond bronze grinding wheel, is sintered with metal bond;
3. Diamond ceramic bond grinding wheel is made by sintering or sticking ceramic bond;
4. Electroplated diamond grinding wheel, the abrasive layer is coated on the substrate by electroplating.

Characteristics of Diamond Grinding Wheel

1. The diamond abrasive is relatively sharp, so the grinding efficiency of diamond grinding wheel is relatively high. The grinding ratio of diamond grinding wheel to ordinary grinding wheel is about 1:1000, and the wear resistance is also relatively high.

2. The diamond resin grinding wheel has good self-sharpening property, low heat generation during grinding, and is not easy to block, reducing the phenomenon of work burn during grinding.

3. The diamond abrasive particles are uniform and very fine, so the diamond grinding wheel has high machining accuracy, and is mainly used for precision grinding, semi-precision grinding, knife grinding, polishing and other processes.

4. The diamond grinding wheel can be almost dust-free, meeting the requirements of modern industry for environmental protection.

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