YG6 Grade Sintered Carbide Buttons Rock Drill Mining button Inserts

Cemented carbide buttons are pressed and sintered from raw tungsten carbide powder. They have high wear resistance and hardness, and are usually used in drilling and mining and engineering tunnel industries.

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Production Introduction

Kedel Tool have a verity of types of carbide button, such as spherical buttons, ballistic buttons, conical buttons, wedge buttons, wedge crested chisel, wing tip, spoon buttons, flat-top buttons, serrated buttons, sharp claw, auger tips, road digging buttons and so on.

Tungsten carbide button is widely used in petroleum drilling, snow plow equipment, cutting tools, mining machinery, road maintenance and coal drilling tools.It is also can used as excavating tools for Tunneling, quarrying, mining and Construction. In addition, it can be applied as drill accessories for rock drilling machine and deep hole-drilling tools. They have good impact toughtness and excellent wear resistance.

Common Types

button type 01
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Material Reference Table

Grade Density TRS Hardeness HRA Applications
g/cm3 MPa
YG4C 15.1 1800 90 It is mainly used as an impact drill for cutting soft, medium and hard materials
YG6 14.95 1900 90.5 Used as electronic coal bit, coal pick, petroleum cone bit and scraper ball tooth bit.
YG8 14.8 2200 89.5 Used as core drill, electric coal bit, coal pick, petroleum cone bit and scraper ball tooth bit.
YG8C 14.8 2400 88.5 It is mainly used as the ball tooth of small and medium-sized impact bit and as the bearing bush of rotary exploration drill.
YG11C 14.4 2700 86.5 Most of them are used in impact bits and ball teeth used to cut high hardness materials in cone bits.
YG13C 14.2 2850 86.5 It is mainly used for cutting ball teeth of medium and high hardness materials in rotary impact drill.
YG15C 14 3000 85.5 It is a cutting tool for oil cone drill and medium soft and medium hard rock drilling.

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