CNC Lathe Machine Cemented Carbide Cutting Tool SNMG120404 Steel Finishing Inserts

Kedel tungsten carbide indexable inserts with sharp cutting edge can reduce the vibration of machining process, which is beneficial to the insert surface with low roughness.

Optimized chipbreaker structure improve the cutting performance and chipping control, contributing to easy and fast cutting. The combination of specific substrate and coating, well balanced the different wear patterns of center inserts and surrounding inserts.

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Our advantages

1. Easy and smooth chip removal

2. High wear resistance & long life

3. Thicker TiCN and Al2O3 composite coatings

4. R&D and production ability to keep up with market trends

5. Technical support ability to solve processing solutions for customers in all aspects

6. Adequate stock to ensure fast delivery

Inserts Parameters

Model TNMG160404/08/12 TNMG2204/08/12 TNMG270612
Grade KD2115,KD2125,KD3215
Wordpiece steel/harded steel/stainless steel/cast iron
Coating CVD/PVD coating
Package 10 pcs in one box
Service OEM/ODM

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